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                  Funding Criteria

1. Fundable management team:

A team with experience appropriate to the company's immediate goals is a critical consideration. Entrepreneurs should be adaptable resourceful,passionate and driven.The management team should possess relevant domain expertise, and operating experience,integrity,ability to be coached and commitment to put the success of the enterprise over individual egos.

2.Well-defined market to dominate:

A well-defined niche that the company can dominate along with a focus on creating customer value must be obvious. The strategy for reaching that market should be developed and initial market validation in hand.

3.Disruptive or advanced technology:

The VC community funds companies that provide technology that adds value to IT, telecom,healthcare and enterprise software industries in ways that are changing the industry or setting new standards, or that offer high growth.

4. Compelling advantage:

The opportunity your company is capturing with a proprietary position or "secret sauce" should be clearly observable.

6. Manageable funding requirements:

Companies with intense capital requirements will have a lower chance of being funded.

7. Geographic location:

Typically the VC organizations focus on the opportunities within well defined geographic areas.

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