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                  1. Executive Summary

This is the most important single part of the business plan. This section must clearly articulate the following:

1. The company's current status.

2. The products or services the company will sell and to whom it will sell

    and to whom it will sell them.

3. The benefits, in economic and non-economic terms, that the company's

    products or services will confer on customers.

4. The financial forecasts.

5. The company's overall objectives three to five years into the future and

    how it proposes to reach those objectives.

6. How much money the business requires to achieve its objectives.

7. How and when the investors are likely to benefit from their investment.

The executive summary is what will sell the venture investor on the wisdom of reading the rest of the plan. The few minutes required to read the executive summary are perhaps the most important few minutes in the entire life of many companies. In these few minutes, investors may become fascinated enough to read further or may become confused or turned off enough to move on to the next plan.  

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