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Our advice is simple; as an entrepreneur do not waste your time and money on:

1. Participating in the "dog and pony"

    pitches. This is done on your dime!!!

2. Writing a meaningless business plan

     that nobody will read.

3. Attending "entrepreneurial camps" or

     earning a degree in entrepreneurship.

     This alone will not help you. 

4. Risking loosing your reputations by

     making unsubstantiated claims.

5. Risking your life-savings and hoping

     for the best.

6. Not considering the entire "opportunity


  • lost income

  • lost contributions to 401(k) and Social Security 

  • lower FICA scores,

  • difficulty in getting a mortgage

  • the added costs of the health insurance

  • an impact on your family and your health 

7.  Hiring a broker who, for an upfront

     fee (often around $25,000), will "try" to

     raise funds for your venture.

     The funding community will not pay

     that fee !!!

8. Finding "safety" in a perpetual concept

      or a product development and losing

      focus on business development and

      cashflow management.

9. Working alone without creating

     your own business ecosystem. You will

     accomplish nothing by yourself 

     regardless of how smart you are and

     how hard you work !!!


10. Not knowing where the line between

       a vision and a hallucination is drawn.

11. Not understanding the concept of 

     "sunk costs".

12. Being fooled by unrealistic valuations.

to learn what to do instead click here

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