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Venture Funding

Five Step Process

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Value Drivers Model
Venture Business Plan
Presentation Deck
Proposal Review
Entrepreneur's Domain
VC Domain
Proof of Concept
What if Analysis
Strategic Thrust
Venture Proposal
Screening Meetings
Optimization Model
Opportunity Valuation
One Pager
Market Validation
This segment of the overall venture funding process is the most important one. This is where the "heavy lifting" takes place.
In order to move to the next step of the funding process, the entrepreneur has to architect a path leading to the
Absolute Competitive Advantage
The FQ indicates whether or not this level of advantage is achievable, identifies critical gaps, and provides guidance how to close those gaps.
Step 2.
Investors Packet Preparation and Presentations
Step 1.
FQ Assessment and Business Case  Development
Step 3.
Due Diligence and Deal Closing
Joint Domain
Due Diligence
Term Sheet Agreement
Term Sheet Negotiations
Commitment Letter
Legal Closing
Step 4. 
Implementation and Operations
Joint Domain
Step 5.
Exit and Monetization
Joint Domain
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