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 Business Plan Presentation

Not only must entrepreneurs be able to present a convincing written case for funding, they must also be prepared to make a convincing oral case as well. Among the key considerations for entrepreneurs to keep in mind as they prepare for face-to-face meetings with potential investors are the following:

  • The investor-entrepreneur relationship is similar in important respects to marriage. Investors will assess tangible factors such as the team's preparation and ability to sell the company as well as intangible factors such as the team's integrity and flexibility.


  • Entrepreneurs must evaluate potential investors for more than simply the investment terms they might offer. Team members should assess in advance of getting together the kinds of situations potential investors prefer, their usual approach to the investment process, and whether they are likely to lead or follow-on investors.


  • Entrepreneurs must carefully rehearse their oral presentation. Among the elements of a successful presentation are having a master of ceremonies, maintaining eye contact with investors, emphasizing market and management-team expertise, and demonstrating the product or service.


  • If the entrepreneurs are guided by these principles, the probability of securing investment will be multiplied significantly. 



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