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 Market: the Need of the Customer

  • What specific problem or need do customer have?

  • Why is the problem important? For whom?

  • Who, specifically is the customer?

  • How do we know the market exists?

  • What independent evidence can you cite, such as independent market research?

  • How large is the specific (narrowly defined in units) market for your product?

  • What is the expected growth of this market (in units)?

  • Are the market size estimates realistic?

For industrial product companies....

  • What 2-3 industries comprise the most important prospects in years 1 through 5.

  • What are the job titles of the buyers (decision-makers) in these prospects?

For consumer product companies....

  • What are the demographics of the 2-3 most important consumer segments in years 1 through 5?


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