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 Executive Team

The business plan must convey a sense that the fledgling company is being managed by experienced and savvy executives. Among the issues investors are most concerned about are the following :

  • The business must be managed by a team-usually of three to six people-rather than by a single individual.


  • The team members must have complementary rather than similar managerial skills and must show evidence of appropriate previous business experience.


  • Entrepreneurs must be both careful and creative in using stock and financial inducements to attract key team members. Team members must be effectively motivated; among the most effective devices are golden handcuffs and employment contracts.


Teams can vary widely in their status, according to four levels, from most to least desirable: 

  • Level 4-all team members are identified and on board.

  • Level 3-all team members are identified but not necessarily on board.

  • Level 2-there are one or two gaps in the team.

  • Level 1- there is only one key manager.




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